Let’s talk about merging! That’s right, the act of changing lanes when the road narrows to a single lane. Why is it that there are still Assholes who refuse to merge in an efficient manner.


These asses are the reason merging lanes are a nightmare! If everyone merged into the proper lane as soon as they saw the warning sign, we could all cruise through at a modest 40 miles an hour rather than coming to a complete stop; All because 3 MORONS decide that they are SOOOO Important that they shouldn’t have to get into your lane until they run out of road.

How is this so difficult to understand? There is always at least one jerk that acts like his passenger wheels are set on a track directly over the white shoulder line and won’t deviate from his present course for fear of sideswiping oncoming traffic. DONT BE THIS GUY!!! If your lane will soon disappear….GET OUT OF THAT LANE!!!!  Sometimes I can’t wait until I’m 90 Years old and couldn’t care less about my car. At that point I am going to sideswipe these assholes into an embankment and blame it on senility.