Seeing the previews for Blue Bloods didn’t give me any desire to see the show, however thanks to my stubborn wife I was forced into watching.  To my great surprise, Blue Bloods is a fantastic show and I am completely hooked.

Blue Bloods follows a multi- generation family completely comprised of Law Enforcement in New York City. Grandpa is an ex Commissioner, The Patriarch (Selleck) is the Current Commissioner, one son is a detective(Wahlberg) and the two other sons (one of which was killed in the line of duty) are beat cops, while the lone daughter (Moynahan) is an ADA. The show deals heavily with the ethics of power and loyalty and how the two can blur the line of the law.

Now I cant say enough good about this show, however there is one thing that I can’t stand and it takes me out of the story every time. Ordinarily I try not to make fun of kids but I figured what the hell this time. The Eldest granddaughter Nicky on the show is played by Broadway child actor (that should tell you she’s annoying right there)  Sami Gayle.

“Hey Honey! We’ve decided we want you to make it in acting because of your skills and not your looks, so were going to give you the downright most horrible haircut we can think of to make sure your acting is what shines through.”

As if the overly confident child actor persona didn’t already show through her creepy air of ”wise beyond her years”  force field… she has THIS HAIRCUT!!! –>
Seriously What the hell? Why would you subject your daughter to the same haircut as a god damn Vulcan?  Very few women let alone young girls can pull off the “Pixi” haircut (frankly I can only think of two, Mariska Hargitay, and Natalie Portman) and little Sami is not one of them.  Being a Broadway baby it’s possible its an homage to Liza Minelli, but its just not working and its filling me with anger throughout every episode of this otherwise fantastic show.

I thought “OK maybe she did it for the role!” BUUUUT NOOOOOOOOO! Any picture I can find of her on the web (even from a very young age) she has the same pointy side-burned hair helmet. The only difference I can see is that at times she had a little cape of hair (I guess it’s called Shag) which just managed to add Mullet-tude to the already horrible cut. All I have to say is SHAME ON YOU MRS GAYLE!!! Lets all chip in some cash to get the poor little lad some hair extensions and cut off the stalactites she calls sideburns.