OK Ladies…Are you really THIS stupid?

Every year about this time the magazine racks are filled with covers touting variations of the same exact headline. You wanna know how they lost the weight?  IT IS THEIR JOB TO BE THIN , THEY HAVE THE TIME TO WORK THEIR ASSES OFF, AND CAN AFFORD A PERSONAL CHEF TO  EAT RIGHT…and plastic surgery.

They have personal trainers personal chefs and absolutely nothing to do all day but figure out how they look in the mirror.  These magazines are laughable (especially the Christina Aguilera cover from last year considering she looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade blimp now).

Buying these garbage magazines are going to do nothing but spew the same not too difficult exercise routine and impracticable eating suggestions and frustrate you even more when they don’t work.

Every one knows EXACTLY how to lose weight, and it SUCKS but it is the only way…Healthy food and not leading a sedentary life. Plus by purchasing these your just giving the magazine money for lazy writing. Demand more from your reading materials!!!

Stop spending your money on rags that are just going to make you feel worse about your weight. Chances are without a super lucky genetic makeup and a winning lottery ticket you will not look like Megan Fox or one of the douche-bag Kardashians.  Even if you do manage to get there, pray you don’t have a full-time job because you’ll need that time to  maintain that figure.

Be happy with who you are and flaunt your existing features!! If you want to look better, do what you know needs to be done to FEEL better, but don’t idolize moronic women in stupid magazines who are paid to be thin.