Todd and book evil

So I’m not Canadian, and I was without Netflix for a while (until they got some sort of streaming selection back), and in the meantime I read a great deal about a little Canadian show called Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.  I understand I’m REALLY late to the party on this one, but I figured I’d throw out the heads up on this anyway for those who may not have seen it yet.

Next to the Kids in The Hall, I think this could be the greatest exported Canadian comedy show EVER! The best way to describe it is as if  The Adventures of Pete and Pete grew up, found heavy metal and moved to Canada. Metal-head Todd and his one-armed best friend inadvertently stumble upon the Book of Pure evil which begins to wreak havoc on Crowley High school. It makes it self known to the insecure, inadequate and downright nerdy; granting their ultimate wish with disastrous twists that usually result in 5 or 6 students dying hilariously in every episode.  All the while the elderly and enfeebled Satanic cult that founded the town, order Crowley High’s guidance counselor to befriend them and find the book, from the comfort of the local nursing home. It seems a lot for Todd and friends to dodge  but with the sage-like guidance of Jason Mewes as the Janitor, they only lose…or make things worse about half the time.

Unfortunately ‘Todd’ was cancelled by the Sky[Sic]* Network after its second season, but as of September of last year, it had been sold to air in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany and the US. The quickly growing cult following and recognition from the writers guild of Canada have propelled Todd back into the spotlight with possible news of Resurrection.

It’s a funny show with a cult audience,” says Fraser. “We are in discussions with the producers as to whether to bring it back as a web series or a film. We’re trying to figure out the brand extensions now,” adds.

With any luck well see Todd on the big screen before long. If you like Metal, and quirky Canadian Comedy….this is for you. It is currently available through Netflix instant, Fear Net or on amazon…enjoy..Also check out to petition for a season three as well as to keep up to date on Todd News!


* as corrected below was canceled by the SPACE network…not sky