Think you got what it takes to be Bunnie of the weeksss

I’ve gotten bored with the same old- same old entry so I want your submissions to be more interesting and tell a story of sorts.

Send in your pics  and a short BIO to   and you could be the Bunnie of the Week!!

Pics should be sexy but preferably non nude.

Your pic will be posted on on a Wednesday with your short bio with links to where the readers can see more of you! If you are not a professional model, we can also plug your business or website!

How you get Illustrated as Ms. ‘Month’

At the End of the month readers vote on who was the best of the last 4 Bunnies and the winner gets Illustrated as  Ms ‘Month’. Once you win Ms. [Insert Month Here] you will not be eligible as a Bunnie of the week for 6 months. GOOD LUCK LADIES!!!